What is compact spinning, Siro spinning, compact Siro spinning? Jun 06, 2024

Compact Spinning:

Compact spinning is a new spinning technology that is carried out on an improved new ring spinning frame. Its spinning mechanism is mainly: a fiber cohesion zone is added in front of the traction device of the ring spinning frame, which basically eliminates the spinning twisting triangle between the front roller and the twisting point. After the fiber whiskers are output from the front mouth of the front roller, they first pass through the mesh leather ring on the outer jacket of the special-shaped suction tube. The whiskers move on the mesh leather ring. Due to the contraction and polymerization of the airflow, the whiskers are gathered and rotated through the suction groove of the special-shaped tube, gradually turning from a flat belt to a cylinder. The ends of the fibers are twisted into the yarn, so the yarn is very compact, the yarn appearance is smooth, and the hairiness is less. Compact spinning yarn has higher strength and less hairiness. It is least likely to produce abrasion during the weaving process.

Advantages of compact spinning: the yarn has very little hairiness, especially hairiness above 3mm, which also improves the efficiency of the subsequent loom and the smoothness of the fabric; the yarns have strong cohesion and high strength; the yarns are uneven, and the coarseness and fineness indicators are better than traditional yarns. However, the cost of compact spinning equipment is high, which increases the equipment investment of the spinning mill, and except for the great improvement in the hairiness index, the improvement of other yarn indicators such as yarn, coarseness, and fineness is not large.


Siro Spinning:

Siro spinning is to use double roving feeding on the spinning frame, and two roving strands parallel to each other and maintained at a certain distance are stretched by rollers in the spinning drafting area, and two small triangles are formed at the front roller jaws, and then they are gathered together and twisted into a yarn strip. Due to the transmission effect of twist, a small amount of twist is added to the single strand before the two strands are twisted together, so the twisted yarn has a different style from the general single yarn.

Advantages of siro spinning: The fibers on the surface of siro spinning are neatly arranged, the yarn structure is compact, the hairiness is less, and the pilling resistance is good. Compared with ply yarn fabrics, siro-woven fabrics feel softer and smoother. Siro spinning can be used for woven fabrics and knitted fabrics, and can also replace ply yarn for high-count and high-density fabrics.


Siro Compact Spinning:

Two rovings are fed into the same drafting mechanism of the ring spinning machine through the double bell mouth at a certain interval, and are drafted at the same time in a parallel state. After coming out of the clamping point of the front roller, they enter the pneumatic gathering area. The surface of the special-shaped tube with double grooves and negative pressure inside each spinning part is covered with a mesh ring, which is driven by the friction of the output roller. The two strands of fiber outputted by the front roller are adsorbed on the position corresponding to the double grooves on the surface of the mesh ring by negative pressure. The strands of fiber move forward with the mesh ring while being controlled by the gathering and output by the output jaws. The two bundles of fiber after gathering have a relatively compact structure. After slight initial twisting, they are combined at the combination point, and then twisted again and curled onto the yarn tube to become a compact twine yarn with a similar structure to a strand.

Advantages of compact siro spinning:Compact siro spinning is a combined spinning method that combines compact spinning and siro spinning. The yarn spun by this technology combines the excellent characteristics and quality of the two spinning methods. Compared with traditional ring spinning single yarn and siro yarn, compact siro yarn has less hairiness, higher strength, and more siro spinning plying effect. The hairiness is greatly reduced during compact siro spinning, especially the hairiness above three millimeters, which is reduced by 70%. It is an ideal raw material for spinning high-end fabrics and has good development prospects.


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